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New Study Program Offered for the York Rite

New Study Program Offered for the York Rite

Exciting news for all York Rite Masons eager to know more! The York Rite Sovereign College is now offering an education program for all York Rite Masons, based on the similar Master Craftsman Program pioneered by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction, and by one of the same authors.
Brother Robert G. Davis has created the Companion Adept of the Temple, a self-study program that covers the degrees and orders of the Royal Arch, Cryptic Council and Knights Templar. This is outstanding news for York Rite Masons who have long desired a way to continue their education. The program offers five exams of multiple choice and essay questions, focussing on the ritual, philosophy and esoteric aspects of the York Rite. The first two exams cover the Chapter Degrees; the third covers the Cryptic Rite; the fourth covers the Orders of Chivalry; and the final exam is entitled “The York Rite Traditions and Freemasonry.”
The program is administered, appropriately, by the Sovereign College, and will cost $30. Resource material and reading lists are provided, along with ordering information, as well as guides to finding much of it using books available online, including works like Understanding the Royal Arch, Guide to the Royal Arch Chapter, Some Royal Arch Terms Examined, and The Royal Arch: Its Hidden Meaning. Symbolism of the degrees and orders is illustrated in the exam material.
This is truly exciting news for brethren who have literally begged for this type of program. The AASR’s Master Craftsman Program has been wildly successful (we in the Northern Jurisdiction have nothing like it), and this fills an enormous void for York Rite Freemasons.
For ordering information, contact the York Rite Sovereign College’s Detroit office at yrsc_na@yahoo.com.
Visit the Sovereign College website at www.yrscna.org

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